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JPay Company not only allows the family or friends of inmates to communicate with their inmates who are in the prison but also it allows sending money. You have to know that you need to make your corrections payment on time. If you fail to pay before the due date so there is the consequences. Therefore, you need to select a payment system which is able to guarantee your money will be received by your agency securely and quickly. In this case, JPay is the great solution for it.

JPay probation payment has several ways to help you with your obligation of parole and probation. If you want to pay your payment, you are able to pay with cash. To pay by using money cash, you are able to go to any nearest MoneyGram location. Besides making payment, you can alos sending money to your inmates by using MoneyGram. To do it, go to MoneyGram location, remember that you have to bring your valid personal identification (ID card or driver’s license). Then you have to complete the MoneyGram Express Payment service form. The form is include the appropriate receive code and account number. Please fill the JPay receive code and the inmate ID correctly plus the last name of inmate with no spaces.  After done, you can give it form to the MoneyGram agent along the cash money that you are going to send to your inmate who is in the prison.

Other ways, if you want to pay your payment without go anywhere, you are able to pay your payment through Besides that you can also use your JPay Mobile App. Here, you are going to need to make a JPay account if you want to pay through and JPay mobile app. You do not be worry about that because to make a JPay account it is very easy way. You are able to set recurring payments to ensure your agency which will receive your money on time. If you want to pay your payment by other way, you are able to use a toll free phone. It is available 24 hour for you to help you in your payment with your credit card or debit card.

In other case, you do not be worry if you do not have JPay account or debit card and credit card. Here you are able to make your payment by using JPay Money Orders. Simply, you just need to fill out the money order form to pay by using JPay Money Order. After you have fill out the Money Order form, you have to download the deposit form in JPay website. Do not forget to fill out the Money Order deposit slip. Then, please put the Money Order form and Deposit slip in an envelope. Mail it to JPay. You have to know that sometime Money Order system get delayed, so you have to ensure that you make your payment from several days before the due date.

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