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You are able to send the online payments using Jpay. When you send money using Send Money, you will be funding the commissary or the spendable account of the inmate or the offender, unless they are located in the place where the other transfer categories are available. You are also be able to fund the media account of the inmate or the offender so they can spend those funds on kiosk related services such as purchasing music, stamps, and so on.

The question is, what payment methods do Jpay accept? JPay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and cash. Feel free to use the method of payment you want to use.

Then, how to make the online payments? The first thing you have to do is to open the free account with the official website of JPay. Once you have registered, on the home page of Jpay, click Send Money on the Navigation menu. Please do this steps on the page of Send Money. First, select the transfer category in the list of Transfer Category. Then, click Continue. If the Transfer Category is not available, please click Continue. After following those steps, select the card you want to use in the Select card list, and then enter the validation code for the card. The next thing you have to do is to enter the amount of money you want to send to the inmate or the offender in the Enter Amount field. When you are done, please click Continue. Please make sure that the information is correct before clicking Submit in the ayment Verification box. Check everything twice because as written on the Legal Agreement, Payment Terms of Services, if you send to the wrong inmate, you cannot get your money back. If you face any difficulties, you can call the live agend to help you related to the process.

Can you send money or make the payment by phone? The answer is yes. You are able to send money over the phone by calling the representative of Jpay. The number you can call is 1 800 574 Jpay (5729). Please remember that the fees for sending money online are lower than over the phone.

How about making payment using cash? You can do it by visiting any location of MoneyGram worldwide. Just ask the representative for the instructions to send money to the inmate or make the payment via Jpay. For your information, the lobby kiosks of Jpay also accept cash.

Is there any way to check the status of the payment? You can do this by logging in to the account of Jpay first. Then, you can see the status of the transaction anytime by clicking on “Send Money. There is “Transfer History” that you can click to know about the status of the payment.

There is a possibility on your payment pending. In this case, the payment will be in “Pending” status. It will change to “Sent” when the money has been confirmed as transferred to the facility.

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