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JPay is one of the most successful service providers. It is one of the best things related to the inmate in the United States. JPay has been around since the year of 2002. They have a lot of achievements and a lot of experiences in the industry. There is no doubt about it. It makes them becoming one of the most trusted. JPay has worked with a lot of Department of Corrections or DOC throughout the United States. One of them was named JPay Nevada.

JPay Nevada was a term to call for the JPay in Nevada. As you probably know, Nevada is one of the states in the United States near California. One of the parts of JPay Nevada was Northern Nevada Correctional Center (Nevada State Prison System). This one was located in 1721 E. Snyder Avenue Carson City, NV, 89701. Every family member and friend of the inmates in Nevada could call (775) 887-9297 when they have something to talk. The only available service of JPay Nevada was Send Email. It was such a lack compared to the others that had more services such as Email, Outbound Email, Inbound Email, Video Visitation, and so on.

However, all of them were just the history. Nevada had announced that they discontinue using JPay in 2015. JPay sent the email to all the customer of JPay Nevada. The email explained that as of February 2015, JPay was no longer accepting the payments or process emails for the Nevada Department of Corrections or NVDOC. The reason behind it was that the department had transitioned to the new vendor. In the email, JPay stated that if you used JPay (online, mobile app, or phone), to send money or email, of if you are the cash customer and send money through Walmart or MoneyGram, you would not able to have access to these services.

The stamps purchased for email ended on Friday, January 17th. All stamps expired on February 1st. JPay told that the unused stamps should be used before February 1st. it was because there were no refunds once the email service discontinued.

As addition, JPay Team stated that they were truly sad to say goodbye to the customers as they had served for more than 5 years. It was such the good time as they enjoyed every single second offering the services in Nevada. They hope that the future provider could offer the same level of the customer service as expected by the customer. For the further questions or concerns related to JPay Nevada, JPay asked you to contact NVDOC. The team was thankful for the loyalty and the business. They also hope that their help made the things a little easier for you and your family.

To know more about JPay Nevada, you can look around on the internet as the link to JPay Nevada in the official website of JPay is not available. If you want to ask the representative of JPay, you can call the number of JPay customer service.

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