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Sometimes, a problem might happen in the process of logging into the account of JPay. Getting a login problem can make someone uncomfortable. Since your account of JPay is quite important for the member like you, you might really want ro fix this login problem as soon as possible. fortunately, you com to the right place. In this place, you will get informed about everything related to JPay login problems, including the method to solve this problem.

There are several problems that counted as part of JPay login problems. The most common problems are forgetting the password and forgetting the address of the email. If either of two problems is yours, then you can solve it easily. When you are trying to login to your account of JPay, you might see a link written “Forgot your password”. It is the one below the column of the “Passoword”. To solve this kind of problem, the first thing you have to do is to select on that link. You will be directed to the page of “Forget Your Password?”. It seems like there is no way to get your password back. In this case, you can reset your password instead so you can use the same account of JPay. To reset your password, you will be required to enter your email address first. Please fill it well so there will be no problem. For your information, you will be prompted to answer the security question that you filled when you created the account of JPay for the first time. If you have not set up the security question yet, you will be asked about the other personal information by the system in order to verify your identity. Once you entered the email address, please select Continue so you will be directed to the next step. Please follow the rest instructions well until you get the new password.

In case you forgot your email address instead, you can select on the link “Forgot your email address”. It is the one above the link of “Forgot your password”. The steps to fix the problem is similar to the first one. in this case, you will be required to enter your phone number before you you will be prompted t answer the security question.

In addition, you are able to contact the customer service of JPay when you face JPay login problems. It is such an alternative way to solve the problem. If you plan to do this way, you can select on the Customer Contact Form in order to find the customer service. You have to include the current username, the email address, and the phone number on the form when you want to reset the password. Do not forget to remember the new password once you reset it so the same problem can be avoided. For further information related to JPay login problems, you can talk to the customer service of JPay by dialing the number (800) 574-5729. Talk to them until your problem fixed. Hope your problem, especially JPay login problems can be fixed soon.

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