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When talking about inmates and prison, there is a term called inmate search.  Inmate search is a beneficial thing for both family members and friends of inmates who want to know where an inmate is incarcerated. It can help them to find where their loved one is currently residing so they can stay close and make a visit every once in a while. For some cases, it also can help the victims of the inmates to stay away from the inmates.

In the country like the United States, the prison location of inmates can be considered as the public information as it can be accessed easily by visiting the the prison’s or Department of Correction’s website. You just have to get the Internet connection to find one.

The official website of the prison and the official website of Department of Correction are not the only ones that provide inmate search. Aside from the two, some privately held corrections-related services providers also provide this feature. One of them is JPay. JPay is counted as one of the largest in the industry with its 15th years of experience.

In JPay, the term of inmate search is called JPay Inmate Search. JPay Inmate Search is one of the features of in the official website of JPay. When you are in the homepage of JPay website, you have to scroll down your cursor to reach the feature because it is located in the bottom of the page. Please click on “Inmate Search” so you will be directed to the next page. The first thing you have to do in Inmate Search page is to select the state of your inmate most likely to be in. Just click on the column and you can select the state. Another thing you have to fill is the ID of the inmate. When everything is done, hit the Find button and the result will be shown.

In case you do not know the ID of the inmate, please click the link of do not know the ID. You will be directed to the page of Availability & Pricing. In this page, you are able to use the map or the list to see fees, timing, service availability and facility or agency contact information. You can also get the link to the website of the agency in order to find the information about the inmate of the offender.

You can scroll down your cursor to find the state of your inmate. You can also click on the state on the map. In the end, this way also will direct you to the same direction. When you are sure about the state of the inmate, click it. Then, there will be some links related to the prisons and the inmates. After you found one you are looking for, the next thing you have to do is to click on the link. In the next page, the page will be shown some information about the available JPay services, the map, the facility, the physical address, and the phone number. Go get the information you are looking for in this page.

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