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The official website of JPay is the source everything related to JPay. It consists of JPay homepage. JPay homepage is so simple. This homepage is dominated by white color. Everything is so white with just small percent of the other colors. In the upper left side of the page, there is a logo of JPay. The logo of it is round with old gray as the main theme. In the center of the logo, there is a word written “Jpay” with white color. Next to the logo, there is the tag line of JPay. JPay is known as its tag line “Stay connected”. The tag line is really converted to its actual services as it always try its best to make every inmate in more than 30 states stay connected with their family or friends.

Below the logo and the tagline of JPay, you will find Sign up. Go sign up and start your day today. Joining JPay will make you easier to stay connected with your beloved incarcerated inmate with its best products and its best services. To join in, you just have to select the state and enter the ID of the inmate. After that, please click on Next button. If you already got one, you can log into the website. The button of login is in the upper right side of the page.

Beside the login button, there are some menus that can you choose including Inmate Search, Prison Search, and Help. Inmates Search is for you to look for the inmate. Prison Search is for you to find the prison which your inmate is in. The Help button is there for you who face any difficulties related to the website or the JPay in general and seek for the way out. Make sure to click the button when you are in this kind of situation.

JPay always displays the products and the services in its homepage. One display will change to another one in a second. If you cannot catch up with the display, you do not have to worry because the menus of JPay products and services are there for you. all of them can be found I the bottom of the page. There are Money Transfer, Email & VideoGram, Education, JPay Player, and Video Visitation as part of inmate services. You can choose which inmate services you want by clicking the sub menus. You will get some information about the inmate service. Please read it well so you can understand which one you need the most. There are also Restitution, Supervisions Fees, Court Fees, Self-Report Fees, and Release Cards on Parole & Probation.

If you feel like you want to get connected with the other family and friends of inmates, JPay provides a forum and a community. You can find the sub menu in Social menu, which is also in the bottom of the homepage. In this forum and community, you can exchange the information related to the inmates and JPay itself. Aside from that, you can also share your feeling with them.

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