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JPay online is present to make the family and friends of inmates are able to communicate easily with the inmates who are in the prison. JPay is a correctional service in the United States. It provides services such as money transfer, email, video gram, education, JPay player and video visitation. There are many people who use its services to stay keep in touch with their beloved inmates. Both family or friends and the inmates are very satisfied with that JPay services. Well, in this article, we are going to talk about JPay services.

Money Transfer allows the family or friends of inmates to make online payments. When they send money with JPay, they can assure that their beloved inmate is going to get the funds as they send. The process of money transfer by using JPay is very fast and completely secure. The family or friends of inmates can send money by variety way. Those ways are through JPay, mobile phone, mail, MoneyGram or by toll free call. Usually, the money which they send to their inmates is available the next day.

Sending Mail

JPay’s inmate email service is the fastest and the most robust email service which available for the inmates in the United States prisons. By using email, the inmates can respond electronically, view and print the message, and view photo attachments. The system mail made easy by Jpay Company. You have to know that JPay’s email service is faster than regular mail. It is only within 48 hours, the inmates will receive emails. Before the family or friends of inmates sending mails, they have to purchase the stamps because each email needs a stamp. Its stamps are often available with affordable price. It is cheaper than traditional postage. If you want to purchase a stamp, you can purchase it by online. You can also purchase it at JPay kiosks in the correctional facility.


The inmates are able to get the education from JPay’s Lantern, KA Lite, e-books and Educational Games. The education is aimed to help educate and rehabilitate the inmates in order to reduce recidivism. Even, JPay built a technology based education program which called JPay’s Lantern. JPay Company provides JPay Tablets for the inmates, those are JP5s and JP5mini. It is in order to relieve stress. By using these JPay Tablet, the inmates can get the education by reading eBook. Besides that, the inmates can download the app of JPay’s Lantern education and Khan Academy apps.

JPay player

JP5s and JP5mini is JPay tablet which is specifically for the inmates in the United States. JPay Company provides this tablet to the inmates in order to relieve stress. By using JPay tablet, the inmates are able to listen to music, read and write emails, play games, view photos and video and access educational materials.

Video Visitation

JPay’s Video Visitation allows the family or friends of inmates to talk face-to face with their loved inmates from the comfort of their own home. When they cannot visit the inmates because any reason, this is the great solution.

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