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In JPay, there is a thing called JPay stamp. JPay stamp works like the regular postage stamps. With JPay stamps, every family member or friend of the inmate can remain connected to the incarcerated loved one without any troubles. You are able to send emails and photos as the support to the inmate. On the other hand, this thing allows the sender to send email along with the attachments to JPay. In the end, the company will direct it to the facility where the recipient is incarcerated. It means that it is like the most important thing on the services of JPay, especially when relates to the system of JPay email.

You have to know that the coverage of JPay stamp is limited. With this stamp, every sender can only send an email with 6000 characters in total. For your information, this amount is equivalent to 6 sheets of handwritten letter. If you as the sender include the attachment in the email, one additional stamp is needed for every included attachment.

Then, how to get JPay stamps? There are several methods to get JPay available for you. The common way to get it is to purchase one from JPay. The price of every stamp is different from one to another depending on the states and facilities. Usually, it ranges from $0.4 to $0.5 for a stamp. The price is so affordable. Everything for the beloved ones is fine, right? You do not have to buy the stamps per piece when buying those stamps. You also can buy it in bulk and discount that is usually available when you buy 20 or 50 stamps blocks. Please check the latest Pricing Policy of JPay to know more about it. The information is available on the official website of JPay. Read everything about it so there will be no problem. As for the inmates who need to buy the stamps, they can get them from the trust account of the inmate.

Beside getting JPay stamps by buying it from JPay, there is another way to get one. it is probably everyone’s favorite. This one is getting JPay stamps for free. Who does not like free stuff? For every holder of JPay account, it is possible for you to get the monthly free stamps as part of JPay’s promotional campaign. For those family member or friend of the inmates, you are able to use JPay stamp to transfer the feature so that the inmates to whom the email is directed can reply without having to buy the new stamps. Please keep in touch with everything about JPay including about the promo of the stamps. There are some contests that regularly held by JPay in which free stamp is granted as one of the prizes. In 2013, JPay organized a video visitation contest with 5 free JPay stamps as the giveaways to the winner of the 3rd prize. Once again, keep following for the updates of the event so you can get free JPay stamps.

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