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As we know that JPay company is the private company which allows the people to connect with their family or friends that there are in Prison. This company has cooperated with state, county and federal correctional facilities across the country to give safe, fast, good, reliable, convenient services for family and friends of inmates, and to provide the payment solutions for probationers, offenders and parolees. You are able to connect with the inmates if you have an account of JPay. Then if you have Jpay account so you are able to login into JPay. To login into Jpay, you are able to do it through the official page of JPay or you can also login through JPay App. Well, in this time, we are going to explain about Jpay App and how to login by using Jpay App. Let us see its explanation in the following text.

JPay App has made the people easier to communicate with their family and friends which there are in Prison.  If you want to connect with your inmate through JPay App, first you have to download JPay mobile. There are the current supported devices to download its mobile. It is include Android, IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. If you are the user of IPhone, you are able to download JPay mobile app in App Store and if you are the user of Android, you are able to download JPay mobile app in Google Play Store. How to get JPay mobile? It is very easy way. For example, if you are Android user, you are able to go to Google Play store. Afterwards please search JPay mobile. Or you can type “JPay mobile” in the search box. If you have found JPay mobile, then you are able to download and install it. Remember that you have to install it correctly. Its size mobile is about 4MB. Wait a few seconds until JPay mobile install successfully and completely. Once it has done, now you are able to login. It is very easy way to login into JPay through JPay mobile. First you have to open JPay mobile in your Android devices. After that you have to enter you email that you enter when you sign up or register. The next step, you have to enter your password account for login into JPay. You have to ensure that you enter your password correctly. Then you can click login. After you login successfully, so you can connect with the inmates which you want to connect. Here also will begin the various available inmate services.

JPay App

What are the features of JPay mobile? Actually there are many features which you get from JPay mobile. Those features can you see in the text below.

  1. Send money with your credit or debit card.
  2. Attach and send photos.
  3. Write and receive emails.
  4. Send emails to multiple recipients.
  5. Push Notifications for JPay email.
  6. Prepaid Reply for JPay email.
  7. Buy JPay stamps.
  8. Saved payment options.
  9. Manage your JPay accounts.
  10. Create a JPay account.

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