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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC or DRC) is the administrative department of the Ohio state government. Ohio’s prison system is the sixth-biggest in America, with 27 state prisons and three facilities for juveniles. According to the research, in December 2018, the number of inmates in Ohio totaled 49,255, with the prison system spending almost $1.8 billion that year. Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) headquarters are located in Columbus.

You will be able to find the inmates incarcerated in Ohio State prisons, Federal prison, County jails and the Ohio Department of Corrections (ODRC) system.

Ohio Incarceration Stats for Federal, State and Local:

  • Ohio Total Incarceration: 51,478
  • Ohio Total Incarceration per 100,000 (Adults): 567
  • Ohio Total Incarceration per 100,000 (All of the ages): 441

Ohio Department of Corrections Offender Search

  • At the first step, you are able to visit the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender Search service page, where you will need to enter some information such as your last name, first name, county of commitment, residential county, zip code, status, next parole board hearing date, number and sort results by.

visit the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender Search service page

  • Ohio provides a number of search filters to narrow results, an explanation of what each option does is provided on the page. At a minimum, you will need to submit a last name, but the more information you submit, the more focused your results will be. After entering the information, simply you are able to click on the ‘Search’ button to proceed.

entering the information

  • On the next page, you are going to see a list of all the offenders matching your criteria. Included in the results is a full name, inmate ID number, date of birth, small photo, and a list of offenses committed.

see a list of all the offenders matching your criteria

  • Now, you are able to click on any photo or inmate ID number. It will take you to a detailed profile page, including a larger photo, a list of the offenses committed, the current Ohio correctional institution, sentencing information, and parole dates.  The Victim Info button next to each offense gives a basic description of the victim (For example: Adult Female).

 click on any photo or inmate ID number

Ohio Sex Offender Search

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office puts a Sex Offender Registry as a public service tool. Individuals listed on this registry have been convicted of a sexual offense which requires them to meet a number of mandates including annual registration with law enforcement. This registry is designed to improve community safety and awareness. This information is meant to educate you regarding offenders in your County. It has not been created available for you to take action against any individual. Any action against an offender that is determined to be a violation of law can subject the violator to arrest and prosecution.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office save a searchable list of sex offenders associated with Ohio. To use it, you have to accept the terms of use and search by either area, name, city, internet names/email, or by phone number. After entering the person or information you are interested in searching and submitting the search, you are going to be taken to the matching results, that include a name, address and small photo. If you click on the photo, name, or ‘View Details,’ they are going to take you to a full profile of the Ohio sex offender, including a full physical description, primary address, other addresses, date of birth, and associated vehicle information.

Ohio Inmate Visiting Information

Visiting Hours

Each institution sets visiting hours, and may or may not need reservations for visitation sessions.  Visiting hours and reservation requirements are being posted on the institution’s page.  Visiting hours will be able to change without notice.  The visitors are encouraged to call the institution to verify before planning a visit.

Video Visitation

ODRC allows video visitation by using the JPay kiosks which have been installed in housing units throughout the institutions.  It is designed to improve visiting opportunities and reduce burdens of family and friends, particularly those who are traveling long distances. Usually, video visits are available in population housing units, seven days a week (in the morning, afternoon, and evening) at all levels: level 1, 2, and 3.

Video visits can be restricted in limited privilege housing units, however not in 3B housing units. Each institution assigns a minimum of three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon, and three hours in the evening where video visits are going to be available, for a total of nine hours each day. The Level 4 and 5 institutions have the flexibility to assign the hours to meet specific operational needs, however they make every effort to make video visiting available seven days a week and in the evening. You are able to contact the institution for more details or visit www.jpay.com for full details concerning the JPay sign up process and associated costs.

Ohio most wanted fugitives

ODRC provides a list of most wanted parole violators with a photo, basic physical description, details about their crime and information about their escape.

Here are some of them:

  • Name:  Barfield, Tina

Offense: Failure to register as a Sex Offender

Point of the contact: 1-866-4Wanted

  • Name:  Carter, Ronald

Offense:  Felonious assault and weapons under disability

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Eubanks, Lester Edward

Offenses:  Escape, murder, and rape

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Fenton, Raymond

Offense:  Violating the Sex Offender Registration Laws

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Gonzalez-Vasquez, Salvador

Offense:  Rape

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Goodgame, Terrell

Offenses:  Aggravated Burglary, the weapons violations

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Herrera-Quintana, Raydel

Offenses:  Supervised Release Violation, Felon in Possession of the weapon

Point of Contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Jackson, Sherman

Offenses:  Rape, Molestation of a Minor

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Montague, Jason

Offenses:  Parole Violations, Aggravated Robbery

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

  • Name:  Nagle, Dennis

Offenses:  Sex Offender Registration Violation, parole Violation, flight to avoid prosecution

Point of the contact: 1-866-4

Ohio Department of Corrections Information

  • Address: Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

770 West Broad Street

Columbus, OH 43222

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