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JPay offers a flexible tablet to help individuals in prison stay connected with their family and friends, while providing access to education and betterment courses to prepare them for success after incarceration. By the way, how to unlock the JPay tablet? Well, let us talk about that here.

Getting the JPay Tablet Unlock Code

You have to know that the JPay tablet will need to sync every 30 days. Thus, the inmates have to sync their JPay tablets with the kiosk at least once every 30 days. If this action is not completed, then their JPay tablet will be able to lock. If so, the inmates have to open a Help Ticket through the Communications Center on the kiosk to have it unlocked. For those who are inmates, you have to ensure that your JPay tablet syncs every 30 days.

JPay Tablet Unlock Code

To the inmates who have been released, and want to get your JPay tablet unlocked, of course, you are able to do that. Usually, after release from the prison, the inmates will get to take their JPay tablet with them. The JPay tablet may be sent to JPay after an inmate is released to unlock it, so that the JPay tablet owner will be able to continue using the content purchased when incarcerated.

If you have been released from the prison, and want to send your JPay tablet player back to unlock code, so you are able to contact JPay. You have to send an email to them. Please ensure to include your name, previous ID #, a phone number to contact you with the status of the JPay Tablet and a mailing address to return the unlocked code JPay tablet. Once your JPay tablet is unlocked, then you will be able to connect it to a computer to upload your media downloads as well as add new media to the device.

The services available on JPay tablet

As an inmate, when you buy a JPay tablet from a kiosk in your facility, you are going to get some services from the JPay tablet.

Music Products

  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to listen to purchased songs.
  • The inmates are able to buy and download songs from an abbreviated catalog. For your information, now full catalog is available on JPay’s Offender Kiosks.
  • There is a FM radio tuner on each tablet (no cost)

Movie / Content Rentals

The inmates will be able to watch some certain movies on the JPay tablet.


  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to compose and send emails. For note: Emails with text just cost 1 JPay Stamp. The inmates initially receive 4 JPay stamps per month for free.
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able read and receive emails (no cost).
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to see photos (when available).
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able view VideoGrams (when available)


  • A couple of games are included on the JPay tablet. So, the inmates will be able to play a game on their JPay tablet.
  • Also, on the JPay tablet, the additional games may be purchased if needed.

Offender Request Services

  • Grievances
  • Medical Service Request
  • Communication with Classification Team

Educational Content

  • On the JPay tablet, the inmates can find KA Lite educational videos.
  • Daily news feeds like a newspaper are also available at a minimal cost.
  • On the JPay tablet, EBooks are available at a minimal cost.
  • There are individualized educational assignments via the school.

Offender Phone Service

The inmates are able to get phone service. So, they will be able to contact the JPay team if needed.

For note: The inmates will be able to make phone calls via JPay tablet at the same cost as a normal phone call. Keep in mind that all services will not be made available to all inmates. Several JPay tablet applications will be obtained with good behavior.

The JPay Tablets Features

Here are several features of the JPay tablet:

  • Place a phone call.
  • It is a touch screen and portable.
  • It is really easy to understand and use.
  • Improved email program, so the inmates are able to send and receive emails, eCards or VideoGrams.
  • It has a music app that includes the ability to build playlists.
  • It added the game selection and game store.
  • It can increase their education with course material and podcasts.
  • Will be able to read the Daily news.
  • It is available as an eBook reader.
  • Access and purchase music and rent movies.
  • It includes photo gallery, FM radio, calculator, notepad, stopwatch, and calendar apps
  • It includes accessories like earbuds, screen protector, and batteries or charger.

JPay Tablet FAQ

Here are several FAQs of the JPay tablet:

Is there a policy and procedure related to the JPay tablet?

Now, the department is working to develop procedures pertaining to the JPay tablet as well as identify other departmental policies which will need to be updated as a result of this implementation.

Will there be a video visitation from the JPay tablet?

No. The JPay tablet does not have a camera to capture photos or video. Video visitation will only be available from the JPay’s Offender kiosks that will be located throughout MODOC institutions.

Will there be Wi-Fi in all areas of the institution?

No. JPay provides secure wireless access points that allow only JPay’s tablet to connect. Only designated areas within each facility are going to be hotspots. Those secure wireless access points will allow JPay’s tablet to download content just from JPay’s servers and also have no access to anything outside of that environment.

Will an inmate be charged if the JPay 6 tablet is damaged accidently?

The JPay 6 tablet has a high quality, corrections-grade construction with shatter-proof housing. So, normal use and handling will not make irreparable damage to the tablet. Each request for a replacement tablet will be considered on a case by case basis.

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