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JPay as a company that gives any kinds of correctional-related services can help people in staying connected with their inmates. A number of services that are offered by JPay are sending money, sending videogram, sending email, buying phone time, scheduling video visitation, buying tablet, and also giving education.

One of a service that is owned by JPay is the ownership of tablet. The tablet has developed from time to time. Before launching tablet, previously JPay launched mp3 player called JP3  in 2009. Then, in 2012, JPay launched a tablet called JP4 and now there is a new tablet of JPay called JP5. This tablet is designed for the corrections industry and the decision to allow inmates to use this tablet and the full extent of the function is made by the state corrections departments. This tablet especially the latest version, JP5 tablet, can be used for listening to music, reading and writing emails, playing games that they have bought, viewing photos and videos, accessing educational materials and reading the daily news. The features and the benefits of JP5 are touchscreen; portable; simple to use and easy to understand; having FM radio, calculator, stopwatch, and the other apps; rugged device made for use in corrections; and having accessories like screen protector, earbuds and batteries or charger.

Actually, having access to music by inmates in the United States is not a new phenomenon. During 1952, academic studies have discovered the effect of music on inmate populations. In several departments of correction and individual prison facilities, listening to radio or music is a desirable privilege. As being mentioned above that one of the things that we can do with the tablet is listening to music. Listening music activities can be done by your inmate to pass the time. One of JPay product that is JP3 is effectively prison-proof and seamlessly delivered to inmates. It is constructed of clear shatterproof plastic and features no moving parts. It also has a break-resistant screen and the device has been tested time and again in several of the hardest prison environment in the country. Some inmates can buy the player through the website of JPay. If the JP3 is bought, it is registered to the inmate and shipped directly to their facility that will take a few weeks. The process of registration ensures that the player can only be used in conjunction with that inmate’s password-protected account on the kiosk of JPay.

But now, JPay also has JP5 tablet that is development of JP3 and JP4. With this JP5 tablet, the inmates are able to download songs from a library of music in more than 10 million titles that includes hits from the most popular artists of the day. If you have an aim to buy the inmate the tablet, and also enable the inmate to buy songs, you just need to fund the Media Account of your inmate. The music of JPay has several features including the library of song that is constantly updated with the latest music; no other music service in corrections that offers as many tracks for download; and the ability to make custom playlist on the JP5 tablet.

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