JPay Money Order Deposit Form for Inmate Deposits

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In JPay, there is a thing called JPay Money Order Deposit Form. This form is only for inmate deposits. You can get JPay Money Order Deposit Form for Inmate Deposits by visiting the official website of JPay first. When you are on its homepage, find Inmate Services menu and click it. there are some options displayed. Just click Send Money and you will get the form of Money Orders. Download that form so you can see what is on the form.

JPay Money Order Deposit Form consists of several information. The first one is about how to send a money order. There are four steps you should do to do it. First, complete the Money Order Deposit Slip at the bottom by typing or printing in blue or black ink. Second, make the money order payable to JPay. You can include the inmate name and ID on the “memo” or “used for” line. It is better for you to use US Postal Money Orders. Third, place the money order and the deposit slip in the envelope. Fourth, mail it to JPay, 2202 South Figueroa St, Box #3001, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

As explained on the form, there are several things you have to know. All fields must be completed and legible to avoid delays processing the money order. Do not include any letters or notes with your payment because these will be discarded. Verify that your loved one’s name and CDCR ID are entered correctly on the money order deposit slip. Money orders will not processed without a valid email and mailing address. All deposits are subject to Restitution unless specifically exempt from Restitution per Title 15, Section 3097. In addition to money orders, personal checks and chashier’s checks are also accepted. Personal checks will be held for ten days before being deposited into the inmate’s account. There is no fee for sending money via money order, personal checks, or cashier’s checks.

The main thing on JPay Money Order Deposit Form for Inmate Deposit is Money order Deposit Slip. This slip consists of several columns that should be filled. Those columns include money order amount (maximum $999.99), CDCR ID number, inmate’s state, inmate’s full name (last and first), institution, your email, your first name, your phone number (person making payment), your last name, your address, your city, your state, and your zip code.

Fill all of them well. As stated before, you have to mail it to JPAy, 2202 South Figueroa St, Box #3003, Los Angeles, CA 90007 once you completed all of them.

Visit the official website of JPay and read the Legal and Agreements. All approved money order will be processed within ten business days following accepted by JPay. JPay account is not needed to send money orders.

In fact, money orders can take days to mail and process. As alternatives, you can select the better way such as sending money by phone, by official website, by the app, and cash so your beloved inmate can get money faster.

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