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JPay Inmate Trust Fund is known as JPay ITF. This ITF office is responsible for receiving funds for the incarcerated offenders, for making payments from, and maintaining all records associated with the accounts of the offender.

The question is, how to send money to the inmate? JPay offers some convenient ways to make deposits including doing online at the official website of JPay, using JPay mobile app, calling toll free phone, using walk in cash, and using money orders.

Sending money online through the official website of JPay can be done using credit or debit card. This method is counted as the quickest and easiest way to get your loved one the funds they need. If you want to try sending money using the mobile app of JPay, please download the app first in the Apple App Store for the users of iOS and Google Play Store for the users of Android. If you want to send money using toll free phone, please call (800) 574-5729. By dialing this number, you are able to speak with the agent of the call center of JPay. This number works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As for walk in cash, you have to visit any agent location of MoneyGram to make cash deposit. The list of nearby locations are available in the official website of JPay.

In the term of the receipts, JPay Inmate Trust Fund can accept funds in four ways. Those methods are U. S. Mail, JPay Electronic Deposit (JPay: One Click Payments with JPay), TouchPay Electronic Deposit (TouchPay:, and Western Union Electronic Deposit (Western Union:

For United States Mail, the funds are accepted from some sources including Money Order or Certified or Cashier’s Check, along with complete and legible remitter information, Attorney checks along with cover letter, Employer checks along with pay stub, Refund check from Vendors, Social Security checks, Social Services checks, Tax Refunds, Unemployment checks, and Veterans Administration checks.

Please keep a note that all Checks or Money Orders must be payable to the inmate. Also, do not forget that remitter information must include inmate first, middle initial, and last name; inmate number; inmate date of birth; sender’s first and last name; and sender’s full address (number, street, apartment or unit, city, state, and zip code).

For your information, complete and legible remitter information must be included with every item. Do not forget to not to include anything else with the check or money order and remitter form such as cards, letters, pictures, notes, and so on. All the things mentioned earlier will not be forwarded to the offender. It will be such a waste. When everything is ready, money orders or checks must be mailed to : Inmate Trust Fund P. O. Box 290800 Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800.

For the final check request, the former inmates might request a check for their remaining funds by completing the Request for Account Balance Form and mailing it to Inmate Trust Fund 24 Walcott Hill Rd. Wethersfield, CT 06109.

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