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Are you one of the customers of JPay? If the answer to the question is yes, then you must be familiar with the official website of it. To access the website, it is better for you to sign in so the information you want to get can be accessed easily.

To sign into your account of JPay, make sure that you already created one. If you have not created an account of JPay, go make one now. It is so easy so you do not have to worry about everything. Aside from that, it also does not take too much time.

Once you got an account of JPay, you can sign into your account. To do it, please pen the official website of JPay. In its homepage, please direct the cursor to the right side. There is a button named “Login”, the one that marked up with the green color. You have to click that button to sign in. then, you will be directed to login page. In the log in page, there are two columns that should be filled by you. The first one is the email address and the second one is its password. In the column of the email address, please type the email of the JPay account. Make sure to not get confused with your other accounts. Fill the column well and double check everything. If you are done, then you can move to the column of the password. In this column, you have to fill it with the password of JPay account. Please fill this column well, just like filling the column of the email address. Filling the password requires extra focus compared to filling the column of the email address because it can be seen. Count every digit of the password. If you are not sure about it, the best way is to refill it. Delete everything on this column and then retype the password. When everything is done, then it is time for you to hit the login button, the one next to the column of the password. If you are using your own device such as PC (Personal Computer), laptop, or another one, you can put the checkmark on the “Remember my email” before hitting the login button. You will be not asked about the email and the password the next time when you want to login.

In case you forgot your email address of JPay account, you can click “Forgot your email address”. You have to enter the phone number as the requirement. When you click the continue button, you will be prompted to answer the security question. For your information, the system will ask you for the other personal information to verify your identity if you do not yet set up the security question. Same goes if you forgot your password. You just have to click on “Forgot your password”. Both “Forgot your email address” and “Forgot your password” are below the column of the password. Getting your password back also will be required the email address and will be prompted the security question.

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