How to Sign an Inmate Up for Write a Prisoner

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You may want to use Write a Prisoner site for having prisoner pen pals. If so, you have to sign an inmate up for Write a Prisoner. However, how to do that? You are able to read the explanation below which may help you.

Setting Up an Account for an Inmate in Write A Prisoner Site

According to the Petra Swiss Miss on the forum about how to set up an account for an inmate on Write a Prisoner site, if you want to set up an account for an inmate for Write a Prisoner site, you have to access this link here and then you are able to create an Inmate Profile for him. You have to make sure that you have the inmate’s information, photo, etc. This user also said that when you created and paid the profile it needs verification so that it may take 2 to 3 weeks until it is online.

When you access the link above, you will have to create your account first. On that page, you will see a notice that before you are able to list an inmate on the site, you need to log in or register as a new user so that you are able to access your listings later to manage them.

On that page, you have to fill in the login info which include username, email address, and time zone; contact info including first name, last name, phone number, address, and then you have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old by entering your date of birth. After filling all of the fields, then you have to give a tick on the I Accept box and then tick the box which says that I am not a robot. After that, you have to hit the Agree and Create New Account button.

You are able to explore by yourself and if you want to watch a video about using Write A Prisoner site, you are able to watch a video on Youtube on Lipstick Lullabies channel entitled How to Use which was uploaded on February 7th, 2021 and it has been watched more than 9k times.

Some FAQs About Write A Prisoner

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Write A Prisoner according to the website of Write A Prisoner.

  • What is Write A Prisoner site?
    The website is originally established as an organization to help prisoners receive letters from free world pen-pals. It is done by providing the inmate a place to invite pen-pal correspondence. Since then, Write A Prisoner has expanded their services to include a lot of features aimed directly toward reducing recidivism and raising awareness.
  • How does the Write A Prisoner site work?
    The prisoners have to pay Write A Prisoner if they want to post their pen-pal profiles. The public are able to write to inmates free of charge. To use the website, the site never charges the public anything. It is free to post resume profiles and housing profiles.
  • How often does the site list new prisoner profiles?
    The site regularly lists new profiles and the average time to post new profiles varies depending on the current volume they are working with.
  • What is the number the site has listed beside every prisoner’s name?
    It is the Department of Corrections number, Federal Inmate Number, or County Prisoner Number, depending on the type of facility the inmate is housed in. You have to include this beside the prisoner’s name when you are writing them directly. It is important for you to note that institutions assign numbers to all inmates.
  • What do I have to do to find out more about the prisoner I am corresponding with?
    You are able to visit the Inmate Locator section on the Write A Prisoner site. The site has compiled all data on locating inmates and also a complete list of contact information for all available State, Federal, and County facilities. You are also able to contact prison officials by writing to the similar address as the prisoner’s. You just have to put “Prison Administration” in place of the prisoner’s name and you have to include a letter that explains what you are inquiring about.
  • How can we locate a prisoner?
    Write A Prisoner site cannot help you locate inmates directly, but the team of the site have put together a comprehensive Inmate Locator section. If you are searching for an inmate now listed on the site, you can use the Inmate Alphabetical Profiles section.
  • Who is able to post a resume on the Write A Prisoner site?
    Any inmate who is now incarcerated and due to be released within one year and will be seeking work after release is able to place an Employment Profile.
  • Can the site keep me informed of charges and newsworthy events on prison issues?
    Yes, the site has a newsletter list that you are able to join after you become a member of the site.
  • Why does the site post the inmates’ crimes on their profiles and is this information verified?
    Write A Prisoner site posts the crimes so that pen-pals have full disclosure about the person they are writing to. The information is supplied by the inmate directly and it is verified by the Write A Prisoner site when that option of verification is available to them. Complete information is able to be often verified on a government website. The crime they place is generic and rarely includes all offenses. The goal is to give the viewer an idea of the crime. However ,for full disclosure, it is recommended for you to visit the DOC, Federal, or County website using the link provided on each inmate’s profile.
  • What do I have to do if I know an inmate that wants to take part in the program, but his institution will not let him?
    If you know that there is an inmate who was denied to access the WriteAPrisoner site, you are able to send him or her this letter It is also recommended for you to contact the organization listed in the letter and express your concern by urging their involvement in this detrimental practice.

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