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Have you had death row pen pals? If you have had them, what do you think about it and how are your experiences about it? Well, if you have not had death row pen pals or probably you have death row pen pals, but you have a good experience, you may wonder the story of others who have bad experiences about death row pen pals.

What They Say About Having Prisoner Pen Pals

I tried to find information about bad experiences about having death row pen pals, but I could not find it. However, it seems that a lot of people have good experiences when they have prisoner pen pals as I read from Quora.

  • A Quora user named Amanda told that she has a prison pen pal who was very young and went to prison for intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle. Amanda also has the same accident where she was the passenger, but luckily it did not lose her life. So, she wanted to reach out to someone that has been in the situation, but the other side. Her pen pal is very kind and caring and they never talk about money and she does not feel threatened by him. He never asks for help and the things that they do is write back and forward. He is educated and he is learning in the prison that he is in. He explains how he wishes he could change what happened over one mistake that he took away someone’s mother, wife, sister, aunt and he can never make up for that. Amanda told that you need to be careful when you pen pals with a prisoner because some of them are very smart and will try to exploit you. So, it is important for you to check their background and crime before you decide to be a pen pal for them.
  • Another Quora user named Sabine Wruck. Wruck said that Wruck write to incarcerated people since ten years and can say that it was not dangerous. You may meet people who just want to have an advantage like they want you to send them money, but it is also valid that there are some people who pretend to be in love for some money. However, Wruck felt who to trust and whom better not. Wruck also said that the sad thing for Wruck as their pen pals is that after they are released, they most likely will not keep in touch anymore and that was painful, but understandable. Wruck has met beautiful personalities and would always write letters to people in prison again.
  • A Quora user named Angel Tenebroso told on Quora that she has one prisoner pen pal and the pen pal is a lovely person, but she said that you have to be careful at the beginning because they could be a scammer or a liar. The best to make sure that is honest and ask things about their life. If you find that the information is true, then you can trust. If he is honest, he will never ask you for nudity pictures or money for “favors”. You can look for one that obviously is not a serial killer or a kid rapist if you have kids.

From some stories about having prisoner pen pals above, we can conclude that you are able to be their pen pals because some of them are nice. However, you also have to be careful because some of them are dangerous and they may try to scam you. If you want to have prisoner pen pals, you have to make sure to check their background and also check their crime.

The Way to Find and Write to Inmates on Death Row

Do you want to have prisoner pen pals? If so, you are able to browse through the websites which are dedicated to finding prison pen pals and meet them available for correspondence. As you know, prisoners have the chance to apply for website listings and their name, picture and address is available for people who want to write them.

There are some websites that can help you to find addresses of death row prisoners. Some of the most popular sites are Write A Prisoner and Prison Inmate Pen Pal.

As explained on the DoNotPay site, if you want to find inmates on death row on Write A Prisoner site, here are the steps that you are able to do.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to visit the Write A Prisoner website.
  • After that, you have to click on the dropdown menu of the Inmate Profiles tab.
  • Here, you have to choose All Inmate Categories.
  • And then, you have to choose Death Row.
  • Now, you are able to write down the name, ID, and address of the offender that you want to write to.

If you want to find inmates on death row on the Prison Inmate Pen Pal site, here are the steps that you have to do according to the DoNotPay site.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to access the website of Prison Inmate Pen Pal.
  • After that, you have to click on the Death Row Prison Pen Pals which is available on the right side of the dashboard.
  • Here, you have to click on the View Complete Profile below the description of the inmate that you want to write to.
  • After that, you have to find and write down the important information.

Some Rules to Follow When Writing a Letter to a Prisoner

According to the DoNotPay site, here are the rules that you should follow when writing a prisoner.

  • You have to use a plain envelope without stickers or other decorations.
  • The address of the facility should be written in the center of the envelope by you.
  • You should write the return address in the upper right corner of the envelope.
  • You have to avoid sending confetti, glitter, and other embellishments.
  • You are able to include up to five photographs that are not explicit.
  • It is forbidden for you to use gang symbols.
  • It is forbidden for you to send money with the letter.

You are able to make sure again about the rules of sending letters for prisons to the facility where they reside.

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