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JPay is a provider of corrections-related service that is held privately in the United States. JPay was built in 2002 by Ryan Shapiro who also become a CEO. But then, Mr. Shapiro stepped down in 2016 and was changed by Errol Feldman as a CEO. The headquarters of this company is in Miramar, Florida and the services of JPay can be enjoyed in more than 30 states.

JPay offers a lot of services that can make you always stay connected with your incarcerated ones. The services and products of JPay are:

  • Money transfer

You can send money to the inmate via JPay. You can do that via online, phone and mobile app channels. This company also cooperate with MoneyGram to accept cash at the agent locations of MoneyGram in the United States. In addition, JPay also processes money orders on behalf of its contracted agencies.

  • Communications and Inmate Devices

JPay provides a service that enables you to communicate with your inmate. The way of communication that you can do is video visitation, sending email, videogram, instant messaging, and also phone time. JPay also provides tablet for the inmate that enables them to listen to music, read and write emails, play games, see photos and videos, and access educational materials.

  • Parole and Probation Payments

You can use payment services for offenders to make community corrections and court-ordered payments. JPay as a part of its parole and probationary services also offers a release card that is prepaid and reloadable MasterCard.

  • Charitable Donations

This company has been one of the corporate supporters of the Creative Corrections Education Foundation, a nonprofit that was founded by a former Texas warden that collects contributions from inmates and sponsors of corporate to fund scholarship for kids of prison inmates.

JPay Website

JPay has a website In the website, you can do many things including transfer money and search your inmate. To use the services of JPay, you have to find your inmate first by entering the State and the Inmate’s ID that is available in almost every page of JPay website. But, if you have registered before, you just have to login by entering your email address and also your password. In the website, you can read more about the services that are offered by this company. You can also read the update of twitter in the right side of homepage.

When you want to know about availability and pricing, you can check it in the website exactly in the Availability and Pricing page. There, you can see the fees, timing, service availability and also agency/ facility contact information. You can also get the link to the website of the agency to look up the information of your inmate or offender. You just need to click one of states that is provided there.

So, for using services of JPay, you can visit the website of JPay at If you want to know more details, you can also call the 24 hour customer support to (800) 574-5729. If you are comfortable to send a letter, you can send it to JPay, Inc. 12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 243 Miami, FL 33181 or you can send your email to

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